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Law of Attraction

When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work In Your Favor

The Law of Attraction.

Have you been studying the Law of Attraction and trying to make it work but are not getting results?

Then there are a few things you must know and must do.

You’ve probably heard this a million times try it and it doesn’t work.

Well, I’ve discovered that using the law of attraction is not mystical or difficult.

Once you understand a few things that most courses or online gurus don’t teach then you should start seeing results very quickly.

Understand these and you will master the Law Of Attraction and life will start looking like you know it should.


You must know what you are.

You must decide.

You must commit to change.

You must take action.


  1. Not knowing about or believing in your spiritual, divine, or unseen side makes it unlikely you will ever be the controller of your own life.

Know that there is an unseen side or energetic side to you that emits frequencies that attract what is presently in your energy field.


How you act, what you think, and what is presently in your life right now is an indicator of what you believe at an unconscious level.


Choosing to see things differently will change what shows up in your life.

You think all relationships are doomed to failure.

Guess what: you’re right.

Think that you will always have to work hard.

Guess what you’re right.

You get to choose what to believe and what to think.

This molds the story of your life.


  1. You must commit to change.

Change has got to be one of the most frightening things we do.

But if you want things in your life to change you must change.

Change how you think about stuff.

Change how you do things.

Change a job.

Change a relationship.


Change is part of life and when we can accept the unknown with interest and curiosity rather than fear life starts to look a little better.


Most changes in our life that look scary but once taken usually end up being easier than we thought.

We can handle it without our world falling apart.


  1. You must decide.

One of the biggest setbacks for people following the Law of Attraction is the wish or want the game.

Once I learned this I couldn’t believe it was so simple.

Wishing or wanting tells the universe that you don’t have it yet.

You will always be emitting the frequency of not having it and you will never get it.


You must understand and practice this or nothing you do with the law of the attraction, will work in your favor.


Think about what you desire.

You must then change your dialogue from that moment on from what I want or desire to I HAVE.

When you understand how energy frequencies work you will understand that this is the flawless truth.

Once you know what you want you must decide that it is yours.


  1. The next biggest mistake most people think about the Law of Attraction is that some benevolent being or power is going to bring you something while you sit on the sofa everyday eating chips and root beer.

You must state what you have and must be willing to take action as if it is already in place in your life.

Don’t get me wrong once you state that you have something it must be yours and the universe will send opportunities, people money, or whatever it is that will help you achieve your desire.

For example, I wanted to start a business.

I didn’t have the right space or any money.

But I took the action that I could.

I didn’t wait for the money or the right space I just stated that what I do now is taking action on my business as if I already had it.

So I worked from my basement, placed free ads and within a few days, I had clients.

I met clients in my living room and felt this is really unprofessional.

But the fears and judgments that I held didn’t bother my clients.

That client base grew and now I have a commercial space.


If I had kept thinking I wish I had a business and waited for everything to be perfect I would never have this business that I love.


There is nothing you cannot face that will destroy you.

Not shame, not guilt, not embarrassment.

When you can keep the vision of what you have clearly in your mind and heart without disbelief you will have it.

Please give yourself a chance.

Sometimes I drift off into the self-doubt game but quickly reset my thinking and correct myself.

We are humans with this propensity for negative self-talk.

It happens to the most successful people but they know what it is and can stop themselves from getting into the cycle.

Now you know what it is too.



From now on,

love yourself enough to realize you are not less talented than anyone on this planet.

You have your own talents so use them.

You have everything you desire waiting for you when you know how to command it to you.

You are no less lovable than anyone else.

Everyone has done something they wish they hadn’t done.

Laugh it off because it is over and done and in the past, because each day you wake up your life starts over and you get to choose how to live it.



Source by Margaret Z

Edited and updated by Madi June

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